Maria Delgado, center, who lost three children to violence, poses next to volunteers holding a picture of her in front of their faces during a protest in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 28. The protest is part of a project called 'Esperanza' (hope) that through art makes a call for peace.


Anton Marrast has an online Society6 shop and has been featured in magazines such as; Lost Voices Magazine, Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine and more. Some of his clients include; Playboy magazine, Most Creative Club and Mediacluster.

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Water. New project idea is exciting and bad idea and yay.

SF Bay Area Children's Choir VOENA - changing lives.

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Walmart Protest Art

fire escape rust

A Victorian couple who truly look like they are in love. So precious and sweet!

Up and away





first snow...

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picture of the silent protest organized by Occupy Boise, part of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Today they are taping $1 over their mouths to symbolize how the 1% have silenced the other 99% in the USA. They also say the $1 is one dollar more than the Bank of America has paid in taxes