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Most important decision of your life.

Most important decision of your life. Dr. Who versus Sherlock. -- Oh crap...uh....uh...wait! Grab Sherlock by the scarf and the Docotor by the sleeve, pull them both into the Tardis and solve crimes all over time and space while blogging about it. GEEKY WIN!!!

Doctor Who + Hunger Games ...although if the doctor would have been involved, the capitol wouldn't have taken over to begin with. OMG can you imagine what his reaction to the hunger games would be?! Doctor smack down baby.

I love david tennant, as the doctor and as a person c: i adore matt smith he is my doctor! <3 i dont think i can handle a 12th... What if i dont like him? What if he doesnt fit the part well?? I cant.. Just cant.. Too many feels D: *sigh*

Exploring Our Matrixfrom Exploring Our Matrix

Transdimensional Obsession

small* obsession. l I don't think anyone realized just how much I actually love it.. Probably because I don't show it as much as I feel it. Hence the pin.

and that is why matt smith has made doctor who the best show ever <3 (The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe) that is totally a Matt thing to do! seriously, I don't doubt that that's how it happened!