you know why! LOVE this!

A lot of smart talk… I just love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton | sooo truee, I mean I can't suppress my laugh every time he use his initial

What I'm thinking 90% of the time.

"what's wrong?" "nothing." 1. I love this movie, 2. So true!

One of my favorite Glee quotes

I will never get tired of Mean Girls quotes. this is my dad's favorite one. #MEANGIRLS

One of the sweetest lines of the movie :)

My forever favorite

Anti-Pick Up Lines

MINIONS ! #funny #scene #despicableme2 #loveminions #naughty #minions #laugh #bottom #trolled

Story of my life

Also quite possibly my favorite part of this movie

favorite part ♥

Love this movie :)

The best part of the movie.

Easy A. haha, i love it!

Favorite movie ever. the next line is when Lloyd says "Killer boots man!"

the proposal easily one of my favorite movies

Love this movie!!

lol best part of the whole movie