The Cave of a Thousand Buddhas was the most important repository of ancient Buddhist and Chinese texts to survive.Just inside the Great Wall of China along the ancient Silk Road is one of the most remarkable Chinese sacred sites of antiquity. Located in the Gobi Desert town of Dunhuang, this site is a hive of more than 460 grottoes of varying sizes, carved directly into the soft sandstone cliffs. Devout Buddhist monks inhabited the caves a long time ago, starting in 366 CE

Ancient City of Troy

The cave monastery of Dambulla, a World Heritage site, has five sanctuaries and is the largest, best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka.

The ancient city of Jiaohe, Turpan, China. Among the earliest settlers of this area are Indo-European speaking Tocharians, populating the Tarim and Turfan basins no later than 1800 BC. It was an important site along the Silk Road trade route leading west adjacent to the Korla and Karasahr kingdoms to the west. Finally abandoned after its destruction during an invasion by the Mongols led by Genghis Khan in the 13th century.

Guyaju Caves : best of ancient china

The Mogao Grottoes, Gobi Desert, China

China - The Longmen Grottoes or Longmen Caves are one of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art. There are as many as 100,000 statues within the 1,400 caves, ranging from an 1 inch (25 mm) to 57 feet (17 m) in height. The area also contains nearly 2,500 stelae and inscriptions, whence the name “Forest of Ancient Stelae, as well as over sixty Buddhist pagodas. #RTW #travel

Maijishan Grottoes. Located Southeast of Tianshyui City in Gansu Province on a 142 meters high hill named Maijishan, meaning "Wheat-pile Hill" (4th century).

The dramatic nine-story entrance to cave 96 at the Mogao site, which contains the largest Buddha in the complex among other treasures.

Mogao Caves on the Silk Road, Dunhuang, Gobi Desert, China.

Yungang Buddhist Caves in Shanxi,Longmen Grotto in Henan

Glowworm Caves New Zealand

Phuket, Thailand. Big Buddha

Yueyaquan Lake / Dunhuang, China

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Longmen Grottoes, China are one of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art.

Inside the stunning marble caves of Chile.

The ancient city of Shi Cheng was also known as the Lion City because it was located in the province of Zhejiang, where it was surrounded by...

Dunhuang was considered one of the major trading points along the Silk Road with roads leading from India to Mongolia and to Siberia. But Dunhuang is not known for its trading successes as much as it is known for the phenomenal cave-temples. In 1900 there was a discovery of the Dunhuang Library Cave which contained many ancient cultural relics that included religious writings, administrative documents, as well as a variety of paintings.

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