simple storage ideas - magazine rack that has been painted , then mounted to the inside of the cupboard door to store blow dryers, curling irons... etc. I've seen metal ones at Target that can be safer for a hot flat iron.

Kitty Washroom Furniture disguises the litter box.

Fancy wrapping paper storage is a $1.50 plastic bag holder from IKEA. Good idea

Use a tension rod to get bottles off the cabinet floor, making room for other things.

put a magazine rack on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to store cutting boards

Lid organization- hadn't thought of this and I can't mark up the inside of my cabinets. I'd use the 3m removable ones.

Love this idea. Wine rack as a towel rack, great for small bathrooms. | DIY Crafts For Home Decor

Clever way to store saran-wrap!

15 Clever & Unusual Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life | #ProChef #Kitchen #Ideas

DIY Hair Dryer Storage

Storage cabinet for hair dryer and straightener

Shower storage idea, with baskets from dollar store and shower curtain rod. Good for putting kids bath toys away!

hair dryer

Under Cabinet Sliding Drawer Storage Rack

Curling iron storage , I also wanted to show you a solution that worked for me! I saw this new weight loss product on CNN and I have lost 26 pounds so far. Check it out here

Bathroom storage- hubby will love this one...hang this on the inside of the under the sink cabinet door

DIY ~ Mount magazine files inside kitchen cabinets with adhesive strips. Use these to organize your aluminum foil, plastic wrap and plastic bags.

A dish rack to organize the Tupperware lids!

DIY wood crate cabinet. Great idea for bathroom storage or any room for that matter. Im definitely doing this

10 bathroom storage ideas. Easy ways to organize the bathroom.

Mason Jar Shelf