mini-goldendoodle! Saw one of these come through the drive through at Cane's and have to have one. It was the cutest dog and when I asked the owner what the breed was the name sold me! *I apologize to all who were confused about how this adorable dog might be a "Crafty Craft" he has been moved to his correct board.

labradoodle..., I think it's a need, not a want :-)

Gotta get me one of these

Goldendoodle -- he's so cute!!


Mini Goldendoodle


Bernedoodle...Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle... hypoallergenic and doesn't shed! NEED THIS DOG

i want a golden doodle.

goldendoodle from

Sooo cute !

Goldendoodle | Riley the Goldendoodle | Puppies | Daily Puppy

Jack the Goldendoodle is fashionable. #goldendoodle #pets #funny

I just love yorkies



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How could you not love that face!!!!!


Goldendoodles rock.

labradoodle pup