Homemade Apple Juice-yum...now all I need is a juicer :)

Homemade Apple Juice (Note from comments: Instead of composting all of our apple and carrot pulp we froze it in 1 to 2 cup batches to use in quick breads such as carrot bread or apple spice cake.

Carrot Apple Ginger Cookies: Use the pulp from your juice for this tasty recipe

One of our favorites. Have to try the carrot apple ginger cookies made from the pulp.

How to Make Homemade Apple Juice and Preserve it

How to Make Homemade Apple Juice And Preserve It.

Use your juicer to make homemade apple juice, can to store for later.

We have apples coming out of the wazoo! I guess it is too cold to grow apples up here (there are no local orchards that I know of), so my i.

Fresh, Homemade Apple Juice Recipe (http://juicers-best.com/blogs/juice-recipes/tagged/apple-juice-recipe)

You can use the apple peels and cores left over from making an apple dish to make a delicious, low-budget apple drink. Just be sure to take out the seeds.

Making apple cider - When your orchard over produces apples, what do you do??? Make your own cider!!!

Making apple cider - When your orchard over produces apples, what do you do? Make your own cider!

Raw Edibles: 3 Kidney Cleansing Juice Tonics

Smoothie Recipes for the Fitness Junkies. Not a fitness junkie but I like Smoothies. and should be healthier.

Resep Hidangan Buah Jus Sari Apel, Minuman Sehat Untuk Diet, Club Masak

Here are 4 simple, healthy juice recipes for kids, including time-tested favorites like apple juice, grape juice, and watermelon juice. They can also be mixed together for fun flavor combinations!

Remedio natural para el dolor de cabeza (Take two smoothies and call me in the morning.