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Our children are learning about Australia, so we displayed a huge outline of the continent Australia on the wall outside our classroom. Then the children cut out pictures of things they would pack in their suitcases to take with them on their trip! Each suitcase had a luggage tag with their name on it attatched to their suitcase!

Our Worldwide Classroom: Free Printable Australia Day Learning Packet

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Ms. Diamond's Classroom-- Outback--Australia

100th Day of School Ideas 100 Acts of Kindess

100th Day - Stations

100th day of school activities

100th Day of School

100th Day of School – Dress Like You’re 100 Years Old

100th day

100th Day of School Idea

"I put 100 pieces in 20 different zip-loc bags. On the 100th day my students were each given a bag. They had to see what they could build with the 100 legos they were given. They worked on these throughout the day between other activities. At the end of the day they drew a picture of what they made and wrote about it. @Rebecca Unruh, too bad you didn't know about this for this year!

100th Day of School Idea

Yes, this is what you get when kids picture themselves at 100!

Great post with LOTS of math station ideas for the 100th day.

Use BINGO markers and have students count and color their way to 100 on the 100th day. The challenge here is that students must find the numbers!

Do this activity with a book called "Snowmen at night"

Presidents Day!

Extra/Missing Crayon Drawers

I remember doing this when I was little!! Groundhog Day

this teacher has some REALLY GREAT organization ideas!!

Using this for small group - When the light is on, students may not interrupt you. Great idea! Buy Four and use as Game Show Lights.

Cute for management in the classroom

*Power Pellets -Anytime I call out "Power Position" the students have to stop what they are doing, fold their arms, and look at me. The first one to do so quietly will get a Power Pellet (aka, one skittle). Seriously teachers, THIS WORKS! I don't even really yell the words, I just simply and casually say them and they stop. It's magic what one Skittle will do for a kiddo!