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  • Ozren Muić

    Why ‘Slacktivists’ Are More Active Than You Think [INFOGRAPHIC] From SOPA to Trayvon Martin, KONY 2012 to the ‘Bully’ movie, causes are all the rage in the social space this year. Yet many people would argue that social media campaigns lack the action component of live activism — dubbing those who sign up for them “slacktivists.” Sortable created this infographic, which looks at the trend of sharing, posting and tweeting to make a difference.

  • Beth G. Harper

    Activism mobilized over social networks. Some people see it as the lazy way of helping :P

  • Luis Alberto Fernández

    The Rise of Slacktivists! #infographic #socialmedia #in

  • Gerardo Lara

    El crecimiento del activismo cómodo (slacktivist) y el Social Media. #infografia #infographic #SocialMedia

  • Jayson Ursulak

    Online activists are: 4x more likely to encourage others to sign a petition or contact a politician about a social justice issue. 2X likely to volunteer and take part in an event. 2X as likely to ask for donations to support charities. #infographic

  • Sarah Shannon

    Top 10 most read books in the world

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