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    Did You Know? Parmesan Lids Fit On Canning Jars! Great for storing home-made spice mixes... or anything, really!



    • Camille Williams

      Did You Know? Parmesan Lids Fit On Canning Jars! -- Parmesan cheese container lids will fit on mason jars! How about keeping baking soda by the sink for a mildly abrasive cleanser. Or flour near where you kneed your bread - just sprinkle on the counter.

    • Sharlann Gaddy

      Did You Know? Parmesan Lids Fit Have to try this!On Canning Jars! Parma cheese lids.Great for storing home-made spice mixes... or anything, really!

    • Barbie Davis

      Did You Know? Parmesan Lids Fit On Canning Jars! Great for storing home-made spice mixes... or anything, really Ha I am so addicted to mason jars!!

    • Laurie Reeve | Professional Organizer

      Upcycle a Parmesan Cheese Lid (12-ounce only) onto a Regular Mouth Canning Jar - great for storing homemade spice mixes... or anything, really! I GIVE THIS 5 HEARTS, THERE ARE SEVERAL SIZED PARMESAN LIDS & ONLY THE 12-OZ SIZE WORKS ON THE CANNING JAR.

    • Wendy Aspenlieder

      Parmesan Cheese Lids fit on Mason Jars #DIY #masonjar

    • Karmen Frelich

      mason jar crafts | Mason jar ideas | craft idea's

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