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Margarita Recipe and The Magic Formula – Bitters. Margarita with Bitters. The use of bitters will revolutionize your cocktails. Here is a classic margarita with orange bitters


Raspberry & Key Lime Margarita: 1 pint fresh raspberries (or about 1 cup frozen) cup lemon juice. cup Key lime juice (or cup regular lime juice) 1 cup tequila.

Dark n' Stormy Lime Juice Ginger Beer Black Rum

A great cocktail from Bermuda… The original cocktail is made with Gosling’s Black rum Ingredients 1 part dark rum 2 parts ginger beer ice cubes Preparation Add the ingredients in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with a lime slice and drink away

Sangria branca com melão e menta.

Mint Melon Sangria Ingredients: 1 ½ cups diced watermelon 1 ½ cups diced cantaloupe 1 ½ cups diced honeydew melon 2 cups ice 10 mint leaves Juice from ¼ lime 2 bottles sparkling white wine Directions: Pour all of the diced melons in a large

Best Margarita Recipes

22 Best Margarita Recipes

This pitcher of Blood Orange Margaritas looks delicious. I especially like the idea for creating blood orange flavored salt, for the rim of the glass.

Caipirinha – brazilian drink - Peel the lemon, cut into four pieces, take the lumps and the middle white fillet of lemon. Squeeze directly into the glass (or Shaker) with the help of a pastle, along with the sugar. Add the ice and cachaça or pinga (liquor distilled from sugar cane), you can use “vodka” to. Shake well and pour into a glass garnished with a slice of lemon and “strawberry, passion fruit, kiwi, berries, and fruit mixture to taste”. You can serve the caipirinha sieved or not.

The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. Made with a sugar cane rum known as cachaca, limes and sugar, it's a sweet, yet tart taste of South America

Perfect Paloma Cocktail  1 1/2 shots of reposado tequila    juice of half a ruby grape fruit   1/2 shot of agave syrup or sugar syrup   about 75ml club soda   a squirt of fresh lime juice

the perfect Paloma: tequila, grapefruit juice + a little lime is all you need to make this amazing summer cocktail.

Casamento amarelo: Prosperidade e felicidade! | Casar é um barato

Casamento amarelo: dicas, inspirações e significados

Chamomile Honey Whiskey Cocktail - Chamomile Tea, Honey, Bourbon or Whiskey, Orange and Lemon Slices, Chamomile Flowers - so simple!

Cellulite Eraser Juice Recipe:  -1 large grapefruit -2 oranges -1/4 lemon -1/2 ginger root piece  Grape fruit helps to rid yourself of cellulite: - helps improve blood circulation - burns excess fats effectively - detoxifies - helps metabolize sugar in the blood - helps reduce collagen to firm up the skin - reduces fluid retention which contributes to formation of cellulite

Want to get rid of that cellulite (lumpy fat deposits under the skin)? Grapefruit juice is one of the best fat-burning foods and a cellulite remover JUICE RECIPE (makes one portion): - 1 large grapefruit - 2 oranges - lemon - inch ginger root piece

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mural de décor: sendo gourmet com cubos de gelo decorados

Party idea: Recipe for Low Calorie Spritzers with Fruit Ice Cubes - I love these fruit ice cubes for so many different beverages. They are perfect in a fruit punch, sparkly in a glass of lemonade and especially lovely in iced tea.