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  • Hayley Smith Jacobsen

    weight lifting schedule for 12 weeks for building muscle for women #venus_factor #venus #weightloss #diet click the picture to see what venus factor is all about! #how_to_lose_weight_fast

  • Barbara Sustaire

    Weight lifting schedule for 12 weeks, for building muscle for women. (I build muscle fairly fast. My arms are not quite this cut but they are getting there. I have to work on my abs .... I hate ab work.)

  • De Go

    fitness girls female fitness female bodybuilding female workouts fitness female models fitness girl fitness for girls muscle fitness womens fitness women fitness

  • Shalanda Baez

    Amazing toned arms and abs. So excited about kickboxing!!

  • Debbie Roy

    Best article I have read regarding building lean muscle and weight loss tips for women.