Baby Shower - The Price is Right! I purchased some everyday baby products and had the guests guess the price of each product. Guests wrote down their answers and then closest to the correct total is the winner. Best bit is that mum-to-be gets to keep all the products! #babyshower #games

The Price is Right | 30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

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The Price Is Right - baby shower version

Baby girl shower decor #babyshower

Baby Shower Game * Wrap a box up and have a hole in one end, fill it with baby items, I put 14 items in it, the guests then have a min. to feel around in the box, and write cown thier guess. The baby momma then gets to open it and see who had the most correct. the guest gets a door prize and the baby momma gets the items.

Baby shower idea--guest predictions. This could be a fun possibility to see who is right on when Marissa will be born LMAO


Have guests write an encouraging/funny message on a diaper at baby shower for mom to read when she changes the little one. This is a great idea!!

Get your bridal shower guests to write a date night idea on a stick

at the shower have the guests write something funny on a diaper for the parents, then they get a middle of the night giggle during changes

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shower games: guess the baby's birthdate

Baby Shower = Price is Right Game

Some of the BEST babyshower games Ive heard! not cheesy! Im def using some of these! Sarcasm 101: The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck

"guide to hosting a baby shower that doesn't suck".

- Guess the stats! This is a fun activity to have on display and can pull out the competitive nature in your guests. Have a large chalk board (or some other type of platform) and lots of colorful chalk. Create columns and allow guests to fill in their guesses for the baby’s arrival date, time, weight & length.

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