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Apparently there are teeny tiny pygmy monkeys. I want 400 of them.

Apparently there are teeny tiny pygmy monkeys. I want one so bad and a finger monkey and a pygmy giraffe :D

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We Can't Help but Fall For Autumn's Baby Animals

His little hands, his striped tail, his tiny marmoset tongue! This petite fellow was born in Eberswalde, Germany, and is being hand-raised so that his mom has enough milk for his two older siblings.

Marmoset(Type of Monkey)one of the smallest kind in the world.Nickname *Finger Monkey*

The finger monkey is the tiniest living primate in the world. It’s so small that it can hold on to your finger. Finger monkeys are, as a matter of fact, pygmy marmosets. They are also known by the names ‘pocket monkey’ and ‘tiny lion’. I WANT ONE!

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Baby Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey~awww, it looks like this little monkey is sucking it's thumb!

~~Golden snub-nosed monkey |  (Rhinopithecus roxellana), they are endemic to a small area in temperate, mountainous forests of central and Southwest China | wikipedia~~

The golden snub-nosed monkey is an Old World monkey in the Colobinae subfamily. It is restricted to a small area in temperate, mountainous forest of central and southwest China.

Little tiny finger monkey

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Finger monkeys are so awesome!

A soldier and his best friend…I know I pinned this before, but there are new pics and they are so cute

The squaddie and the squirrel: Soft-hearted soldier who nursed dying baby creature back to health by feeding it every four hours

Funny pictures about A soldier and his best friend. Oh, and cool pics about A soldier and his best friend. Also, A soldier and his best friend.

Marmoset monkey by floridapfe, via Flickr

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Can't wait to buy a house. She'll be in there with us :)

is the puppy wearing a bowtie? i want a bowtie wearing puppy that looks like this!