Personalized Wood Wired Gingerbread House by cathypagedaniel - I love it because of all the candy and colors. I love houses made with lots of candy. To me that IS what a real gingerbread house is.

Gingerbread House Ideas - gingerbread house decorating ideas, links to house templates and gingerbread recipe. Making gingerbread houses is one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

With Love & Confection blog- Sassy Beautimus creates some of the most adorable gingerbread houses I have ever seen!

Gingerbread House: Love the piped garland and the colorful flagstone walkway! Wonder if I could make the decorations with Cricut Cake?

Five most creative gingerbread houses | Greendiary : Greendiary – Let's go green and save the environment for a sustainable future

2010 Gingerbread House Contest "Completely edible, this stands over three feet tall with candy mosaics and handmade candy fairies. It's made from 11 batches of gingerbread, 20 batches of icing and pounds of candy and cookies.


Very detailed elaborate Victorian farmhouse styled gingerbread house. I'm not sure I could ever eat this work of art. which to me is still the point of making a cookie house.