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Giving small reinforcers for each success that they can only have for using the bathroom and then a larger one when they fill up the racks. A small toy from the dollar store or their favorite snack, doesn't have to be expensive.

New Disney Cars potty training chart from pull-ups to get full size, print and you have a great free printable disney cars potty training chart!

I just made a chart like this for E, using hers as a template. Looking forward to when her chart fills up so we can get some frozen yogurt or Friendly's sundaes! ;) Toddler Reward System - Sticker Chart

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Potty Training Regression

Free Printable Potty Training Sticker Chart - and tips for potty training & potty training regression


How to Potty Train a Child

How to Potty Train a Child in 7 Days. Recommended child is 22-28 months old.

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Free Potty Training Chart Printables & DIY Ideas

Free Potty Training Chart Printables & DIY Ideas More

Thomas the Train Potty training chart--I put ours in a cheap Ikea frame. I use dry erase markers to fill in the circles. If he has earned three circles (without complaint or me doing it for him), he gets a jellybean.

Potty Training Resources - this is honestly FANTASTIC info, and even has a printable potty chart to do with the sticker system, which worked great with Lynz!

Download our FREE potty training tracker and rewards charts to add more smiles to a potentially stressful situation:

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Potty-Training Incentives that Work!

Drink & Wet doll

Tater Tot Thursday: Good Boy Sticker Sheet | Life As We Know It with Two Twinkies and a Tater Tot