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This is the best thing I've ever seen. And quite honestly the first time I've ever understood Thrift Shop.

So, knitting can be a super power, awesome! And guys knitting are cool.

  • Elyse Geggis

    His catchphrase: "Knitting is Knotty"

  • Amy Webb

    Funny how he pointed out that this would be more of a DC villain type, and not Marvel. (Which is also funny, cause that's true)

Guitars Replaced With Giant Slugs

Husband Finds Wife's Secret Money

Having Fun With Statues - This makes me want to search the world for statues to do funny things to.

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A dad illustrated the random stuff he says to his kids

Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo. - the original ninjas

  • Emma Iadanza

    I hate how the pronounce it "MichaelAngelo" not "Michelangelo"

  • Jade Nguyen

    I see your point, but when you just leave it spelled 'Michelangelo' not many people know right away how to say it properly.

  • Emma Iadanza

    Yep. More people need to learn how to speak Italian. They might as pronounce "Botticelli" - "Boateyeselly"

I am going to make one of these and put it on a wall at work, see how long it takes everyone to notice :0)

What to get some one who says they want nothing as a gift lol


  • John Wynne

    Its nice to see some one giving the gospel keep it up

  • timothy clem

    Why do you do this ^ on every single post I've seen you on....

  • timothy clem

    Not that it's bad, it's not, just wondering why you would create an account, not post anything and put the same saved by the blood comment. ....

  • Sofie Barnova

    Hi there! I've just started my YouTube channel. Where I post workout tutorials and other health/fitness videos. My workouts are inspired by my many years of competitive figure skating and my experience in other workout styles, such as: ballet, yoga, pilates, core fitness, etc. If you could help me, by checking out my page, for my videos and pass on the message, that would be so lovely. Thank you if you're willing to support me, it is greatly appreciated!!! :)

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