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don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith - elisabeth elliot I've always heard this from my Dad. I thought he came up with it haha

I'm blown away by faith. It's insane to me what believing in God does for us who love him. A mustard seed is the tiniest of seeds and Jesus said that's the size of the faith you need to move your mountain. Teeny tiny itsy bitsy faith and BAM! the mountain you're facing is moved. Buh bye. Gone. What's your mountain? Finances? Health problems? Relationship stuff? Listen up babe, place your confidence in the One who provides, the One who orchestrates love stories, the One who he

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"God cares a lot more about who you are and who you are becoming than about who you once were." Who cares about your past mistakes?? We were sent here to learn and grow but you're not fully allowing yourself that opportunity if you keep weighing yourself down with your mistakes. #lds #mormon #sharegoodness

You are more than the mistakes you've made! // Al Carraway LDS Quote<< also a song lyric


What God knows about me is the ONLY thing that's important. what others think about me does not matter.

Steven Furtick quote "You will be most tempted to quit when you are closest to your calling.

...encouraging and rebuking. Be a godly woman.

-the more womanly we are, the more manly men will be and the more God is glorified. Be women, be only women, be real women in obedience to God ~ Elisabeth Elliot