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  • Mehtare Lingolien

    This is a local program I am actually involved in. If you are a teacher, scout leader, librarian or someone who works with children and would like us to do a presentation, please contact the sitemaster!

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Vietnam - Treating Civilians What a sweet photo. This little baby's falling asleep in his arms. God love her.

Knight's Armor Italy (likely Milan) ca. 1565

Hilt of a Viking Sword - Found at Hedeby, Denmark, 9th Century

Field armor of Henry VIII of England about about three years before his death. Wiki: at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, USA.

missfolly: You never know when you may need a good chart on Medieval Armour : ) Miss Folly

Passada na época medieval, essa obra tem traços históricos do período das Cruzadas, unidos ao druidismo dos celtas e ao erotismo das personagens femininas: FLEURINE, MORGANA e "A SACERDOTISA". Boa leitura!

Traditional Dress.

Juana Galán was known for beating Napoleon’s troops out of her village during the Battle of Valdepeñas in June, 1808. There weren’t enough men to defend the village from invading French. Juana, 21, immediately rallied all of the women in the village. When the French troops marched in, the women dumped boiling oil on top of them. Juana stood in the street with a large club and beat seven shades of shit out of any French soldier that crossed her path. The French never returned.

Knights Templar - Guardians of the crusade route, warriors extraordinaire, one of the richest corporations ever, and the cause of triskaidekaphobia - the pope ordered them all killed on Friday the 13th...