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Mia Farrow in "Peyton Place," 1965

Mia Farrow for Peyton Place, 1964, and when she cut her hair off the whole world held their breathe, then she married a very much older Frank Sinatra, starred in the most frightening movie of the time, Rosemary's Baby...what a history all in 4 years.

Mia Farrow as Allison on Peyton Place

The granddaddy of primetime soaps, "Peyton Place" was broadcast on the ABC television network from 1964-1969 for a total of 514 episodes. Here are the first season opening and closing credits plus a couple of brief scenes with a VERY young Mia Farrow, Ryan O'Neal and Barbara Parkins. The show is finally being released on DVD for all to enjoy.

Mia Farrow...always thought she had beautiful eyes and that's it. After college graduation, I mean the next week, I got my hair cut like this, Twiggy had the look too.

Barbara Parkins( 1942) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Best remembered as an icon of the Sixties who starred in two of the era's more notorious productions, Peyton Place and Valley of the Dolls. After arriving in Hollywood as a teenager, Parkins soon began appearing on episodic television programs such as Wagon Train and Perry Mason Betty and Rodney from "Peyton Place" - IMDb

Mia Farrow, Dorothy Malone and Ed Nelson in Peyton Place. 1960s

Peyton Place (September 15, 1964 - June 2, 1969) Founded by the Peyton family, whose members included the Harringtons. People married and divorced, loved and lost. Murder, illicit passion, insanity, and secrets were the staples of Peyton Place.

Mia Farrow, playing Daisy Buchanan in the "The Great Gatsby" (1974). Director: Jack Clayton. Screenplay: Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay), based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. Also starring: Robert Redford (as Jay Gatsby), Bruce Dern (as Tom Buchanan), and Sam Waterston (as Nick Carraway).

Mia Farrow  by Richard Avedon. Repinned from Denise Petrey via Ana Cristina De Lion.