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Part of becoming a strong reader is learning to pick books that fit you as a reader. A book should interest the child, but should also challenge him/her as a reader, but not so much that he/she can't comprehend the book. I definitely want to have a poster like this in my class someday because I want to do all I can to help my students become better readers.

I make a chart every year for my kids -- but I LOVE this one, visually speaking. I might have to copy and laminate this one.

I Pick books: can be used to create bookmarks or poster

The IPICK Rule for finding a "Good Fit" Book! - Miss Olson's 3rd Grade Class! - Use first... 5 finger rule for K

daily 5 {chapter 3}.... I borrowed this book from one my my mentor teachers and I found it to be FILLED with great things!

I PICK method for choosing books... from my new LOVE: The Daily 5

Picking the right book... CUTE! Parents often ask about choosing the right book for their child.

for the new Daily 5 reading program... helping students choose "good fit" books

5 Finger "Test" to Check Reading Level of Any Book~ Students can easily find out if any book is on THEIR reading level, whatever that is at that particular moment in time. Help make reading fun! Picking the right book saves lots of time and frustration!