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This Sentence Is Going To Blow Your Mind. Seriously, just read this, it's nuts.

This Sentence Is Going To Blow Your Mind

The person who wrote the Sentence may be a genius; however, the person who wrote the Reason is not. Example "third word is three letter(S) long; Example twentieth letter (WORD) is twenty letters long!

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Responses when you have nothing to say

Using this today and every day thereafter as the prophecy hath foretold.<-as the prophecy foretold<< .and then the loves came.


I was aware of the fiance/fiancee difference, due to the fact that I was someone who read the dictionary (true story), but I always thought that the blond/blonde was a difference of language (maybe French?

English Isn't As Easy As You Think. This Guy Nails It.

Double Positive

Double Positive

There is one language that is capable of making a double positive a negative. And that language is sarcasm.

Sorry for the quality, bad screenshot... a depressing/pessimistic poem which if read backwards becomes optimistic.

Depressing poem that can be read backwards to take on a whole different meaning! Really cool and inspirational! I know it isn't a quote but still!

Latin phrases everyone should know

Writing Tip - Latin phrases every writer should know. (pretty much what Sky quotes all of the time) Good to know

ahhh! so crazy!

A little number puzzle. I figured it out in about 30 seconds, but only because the description said pre-school children could solve it fast. So, put on your kiddie brain.

The word "darling" is derived from an Old English term meaning "favorite minion". you're my favorite minion. I just told my boyfriend I love being called darling.