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"When you really think about it, the only person who really knows what Dean went through in hell is Chuck. And if you argue that chuck is God, then ouch, because that's Dad looking at Dean like that. He looks so guilty and haunted. He made one of his own creations be tortured, and made him torture too, and all because it was written, when it didn't have to be." ||| Supernatural 4x18 "The Monster at the End of this Book" <=== Okay, ouch. That hit me right in the feels.


"I wear a leather coat. I look incredible. I'm hunting evil, yo, in the impala with my bro" omg

except you guys :)

I don't think so. Lol


I think someone on the cities planning committee is a Supernatural fan. — in San Jose, CA.

{fight the fairies!} #supernatural

Oh Jensen

Cas interprets cartoons in his own special way :) Hunter Heroici, S8

Winchester Wednesday :)


[gif] The Colt #Supernatural

[gif] The Samulet #Supernatural

[gif] John's Journal #Supernatural

[gif] Demon Knife #Supernatural

[gif] Anti-Possession Tattoos #Supernatural

[gif] The Impala #Supernatural

My life...




This was so adorable.

set of gifs

WHOAA. Little Colin Ford, all grown up; he and Jared are very similar.. Supernatural has always been kick-ass with casting.