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    if this isn't the whole synopsis for the show...then I don't know what is.

    I don't even know

    I’m dead. They don't even care anymore it's like whatever man he'll eventually go away.

    Jared Padalecki + Jensen Ackles Baby Photos | #supernatural #spn

    Jensen & Misha


    "But..but Clif we can beat up big guys too. We’re big!" "No Jared. You don't understand. You don’t beat them up, you lick them and cuddle them. You are a giant dog. And you, Jensen, your game is coy but I ain’t fooled boy. I don't care if you could bluesteel someone into a coma"

    I'd feel bad for Adam but I'm still busy dying over "He jumped on the Moose"....

    I don't think I can love our show anymore than I already do, but they try to make me^.^

    Jared and Jensen

    Yup. This is pretty much exactly what happened.



    Oh, Jensen!!! ;)

    misha and jensen

    [gif] Jensen dancing

    Dean ✪ #SPN

    He even looks like Jensen...