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Food Labeling, and What You Should Know (GMO foods, MSG, and DV%)

Food labeling: what you should know about GMOs and MSG MSG GMO. If you're not concerned, you should be! Never heard of GMO? Then you don't understand the power of the business man.

Know the code for what is and what isn't GMO on your produce.

Did you know? Conventionally grown, organic and GMO produce have different sticker codes. Choose produce with a five digit code starting with a organic!

Non GMO Shopping Guide- good list for brands. I know some of it is wrong because I have found some of the Super Target no's

Non-GMO & organic shopping guide. In other words buy only organic/non GMO if you don't want to be consuming poison :p

20 Ingredients To Aviod Raw for Beauty

20 Ingredients to Memorize and Avoid in Any Food You Consume (Or if you can't, reduce or avoid all processed foods that are not organically made.

Support non gmo products

How Genetically-Modified Foods Affect Our Health

GMO and NON-GMO SNACK CHART (GMOs seem to have some negative health implications.better to be safe than sorry til we learn more)

Great graphic on foods that we continue to eat in the United States that are BANNED in other countries due to the additives, hormones and preservatives that are in them! It's no surprise that the US is lagging behind other countries when it comes to nutrition but we can do better than this!

10 Banned Foods that Every American Should Stop Eating

10 banned foods in other countries that Americans should avoid. This infographic reveals foods already banned in other countries but are still on your plate – harmful American foods you should avoid for good.

Fun Infographics | Alfalfa's

EXCELLENT infographic about how to find real food aka no GMO, no chemicals, not heavily processed, etc. Check out the website to see

The 4 types of #seeds you need and can eat to keep you #healthy.

4 Seeds You Need (Infographic)

4 Seeds You Need (Infographic) The 4 types of seeds you can eat to keep you healthy.Seeds are fun to eat and healthy in a surprising number of ways. Great info on how seeds can boost your nutrition.

Cereals: which to avoid, which to buy.  I don't buy all the chemical gmo schtick but it never hurts to avoid non natural stuff especially for the kids

Top 10 Toxic Kids Cereals To Avoid At All Costs

Get to know your GMOs in America -- the top 8 genetically modified foods + big brands going GMO-free

30-Minute Recipes

Get to know your GMOs in America -- the top 8 genetically modified foods + big brands going GMO-free.this is so important as if we dont buy the brands that are GMO we will have some impact on these companies!