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  • Mandi Forsythe

    Baby corgi... ADORABLE

  • Jenn Forsyth

    collection of baby animals, adorable. especially monkey for some reason :P

  • Erin Switzer

    I'm not a fan of small dogs but I would love a little Corgi

  • Marie Armstrong

    Cute Corgi, #corgi #puppies Now that makes a funny looking little puppy. lol

  • Amy Ninh

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are adorable when their ears are just starting to stand up straight. :)

  • Sarah Williams

    Cute Dogs - Corgy Puppy #dogs #pets #canine #puppies

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I LOVE donkies! I'd love to have one someday. Fact: Donkies are great to have on farms because they will keep coyotes away :)

Favorite Beach Bum :-) < Twink would totally do this, she loves the beach so much

one day i will have my own corgi puppy. until then, i will continue to stalk anyone i see that has one.

The shadows make it look like this guy is in a prison jumpsuit!

"Pucker Up!" | Just in time for the holidays: another fabulous pic of cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stoli, via Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth Photography

Crazy! almost an exact picture of Mandi. She's Fawn colored and that little doggy toy is green lol I miss when she was a puppy!

The door. The ammonite shell fossils in the step.

Bodie got a borgi for Christmas and it is the cutest, sweetest thing.. .so in love with little Ringo!

Oh my dear goodness gracious! I want one desperately and to name him Ein! For those who understand, go you.

I found another cat outside my house! it's a boy & it's black & white!☺ I'm probably gonna name it moo☺

I've lived with four Corgis over the last 15 years or so. They are quite the characters!

Children's author Tony Abbott loves corgis and reading! #kidlit #summerreading