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    Spent ALOT of time on my bike with this.. pretending it was my "car radio"

    If you didn't have this growing up, you knew someone that did. And, that person was the luckiest person you knew. Oh the life of making mix tapes...

    Discman.. ha ha I was SOO thrilled when they finally made one that didn't skip so easily.

    Anyone else remember this thing? Mine had a cheesy gray plastic carrying sleeve with a strap that this slipped into.

    Return to the 70s. This is what we had. Our kids have tiny iPods instead. Never could have imagined that!

    Magic slates. Wore them out fast, but could count on getting a new one every Christmas as a kid.

    WOW! Of course I had the yellow sony walkman, but I had a couple of the other things on here as well!