Cupcake Keycaps. Got these for my best friend and she loved them.

Keys topped with these key caps remind everyone which key open their sweetheart's place available at Urban Outfitters

I hate it when Americans try to impersonate British people and they're like "Oh darling, pass me the teapot old boy, oh good job old bean! I say, where are the scones?" and I'm like "we're not all like that."

Britain versus America: Origins

Lovely interpretation of the Boston Tea Party XD Daddy England is not very nice to his son America, so in order to get his attention he throws away all the tea (from "Scandinavia and the World" webcomic ♥). but this also reminds me of Hetalia.

Cupcake sponges #kitchen #gadgets. I can't help it, they are cute :)

Her - Turn a chore into a fun experience with our Set of 3 Cupcake Sponges! Durable polyester/nylon sponges have scouring pad bottoms. Buy Now, Pay Later with Ginny's Credit Shopping!

Kawaii Cupcake Illustration Kitchen Wall Art Decor by heygokey

Kawaii Cupcake Illustration Kitchen Wall Art Decor by Hey Gokey on Etsy


Altro paio di stivali di gomma a tema cupcake Another pair of cupcake boots

Angel Heart Designs Hand Crafted Ceramics by Angelheartdesigns

Cupcakes clock Cupcakes home decor Keep Life Sweet by Angelheartdesigns