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  • Franck Lefebvre

    Risqué Situations, double entendre speaking and smutty humor... Please meet Larry Laffer the most adorable dorky, leisure suit-wearing loser ever met...

  • Beth Hamilton

    I played this all the time...

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No, really, she says "Lemme take him out for you!"

Candy Theft, Dognapping... As you can guess this one is not a very serious one... Full of absurd humor, this one is pleasant, but some of the puzzles are quite difficullt

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Remember when people could smoke in Mcdonalds? I remember when the smallest section of McDonald's was for non smokers. Times have changed.

Vintage '50's Tin Chein Friction Sparkler: Haven't seen one of these in some time..pump the button, spin the wheel and watch the colored sparks fly. #Toy #Sparkler

$25.00 Stained Glass Batman Window Print -put over a 10"x15" window to make a stained glass masterpiece

Mario Kart tournament, November 16th. Starting at noon in the Shapiro Library Training Room.

I love that Zelda commercial with that cheesy rap. "It's the Legend of Zelda and it's really rad! Those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad..."