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Risqué Situations, double entendre speaking and smutty humor... Please meet Larry Laffer the most adorable dorky, leisure suit-wearing loser ever met...

Back in San Francisco, I had the chance and honor to meet Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert... So I made my fan boy and asked if they could sign my box for me... They agreed wouhou!

Yet another Series which turns to Full Motion Video... Sign of the times I suppose... This one crashed before the end for me as well... I suppose I should give it a go now to know how it ends... ;-)

from Etsy

Vintage Time Life Nature Library Hardcover Book - The Fishes

Better late than never, I'm currently playing Gray Matter the Point 'n' Click Adventure Game by Jane Jensen (You know Gabriel Knight's "mother", this should ring a bell among old gamers)... Definitely worth it and a small detail tells me some French peolple (parisians?) worked on that game.... ;-)