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Feather Horned Beetle with Long Bushy 'Eyebrows'(Rhipicera femorata) by thefeaturedcreature: Males use their fantastic (hah!) antennae to locate a female feather-horned beetle that’s emitting pheromones which indicate she is ready for mating. Photo by ron_and_beth #Insects #Australia

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19 Creatures That Conclusively Prove Size Isn't Everthing

"When I was six I posted two snails through a neighbours letter box" - Hannah from UK

Metallic Wasp...amazing bug with the emerald green colors often seen in the tiny miracles of the created world, especially among insects. Detail of the feathery looking antenna associated with moths gives a unique photo! -DdO:)

Curculionidae, Eupholus schoenherri