Liz Caan Store Boston/ If I owned my own shop this is what it would look like.

Love the front of this #store

Monocle Café | London

Flamant shop, Bruxelles==once again, the canopies and planters make all the difference

Cute Cafe #shop #bakery #store #window #front

Cute awnings.

Parisian storefront.

Signage Wayfinding Store Front Design Fashion Logo

Store Front

This #storefront is gorgeous. Smart use of an awning to allow for an alternative surface for a larger #sign #design.

Storefront yellow

Color en pisos-muros-cielos...con hexagonos q se esfuman, mobiliario aluminio, barra y muro baÑos d duela d madera

store window

cute store front

Little Nuffield storefront, Oakland

I would love to have a paper store!

Γγρ│ Feng Shui Symbols

stunning store