25 At-Home Science Experiments

Children love this! Shake it up and watch it separate again!

Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

fun science lesson...rainbow carnations! My Mom used to do this with me when I was little!

Make your own outdoor games to keep the little ones (or the big ones) entertained!

5 Simple Handmade Toys for Kids - Petit & Small

such a fun idea for little ones!

Cool science experiment for kids! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

1000+ Science Experiments and Play Recipes for children ages 2-18 years

Silky soft play dough for kids using 2 ingredients. 1 cup conditioner (the cheaper the better), 2 cups cornflour/cornstarch, Glitter (optional)

Time out bottles! Water, glue and glitter...shake it up. It takes 5 minutes to settle. Watching it settle relaxes them, and you don't have to set a timer.

20 Preschool Science Projects


Soap "experiment' any 'kid' would love

Science from Trash: MANY projects, first done by kids in India

Egg science experiments

3 Egg science experiments

Science experiments for kids

summer day activities

Ivory Soap Preschool Science Experiment. So cool.

egg experiment