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    True beauty doesn't demand attention; it is arresting merely for existing. Because it points to something (or rather Someone) beyond itself. God is the ultimate in beauty-- God IS beauty. Beauty is also accessible through human reason, because the God Christians believe in is logical. Christ is the Logos. Something is beautiful and/or stylish, not because "everybody has one," or because it's "fashionable," but because it makes logical sense.

    extremely good advice.

    "Sueña y serás libre de espíritu; lucha y serás libre en la vida" (Che Guevara)


    Oh so true

    Salt life ~




    Don't look back; look forward.

    Doesn't mean the beast is always bad...can be a very good thing.

    An occassional praise or quip is one thing, but putting your relationship drama all over FB for the world to see is a sure sign that there is a HUGE problem. And, if the ONLY thing you EVER post is drama... well, it's time to reevaluate.

    November 2012 ~ The Anti-Bully Blog

    Truth be told... We've got to wake up and pay attention otherwise the wolves will take over......


    Trying to remember this...