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we're all mad here this would make a nice tat

This is the final design for the next part of my thigh sleeve. The theme of the sleeve is family, as my family is very important to me! The meaning and importance of this part is my ancestors. Some of my ancestors were Romany gypsys, therefore I want this on tattooed on my thigh. I cannot wait and my tattoo is booked for friday :)

I designed this gypsy head tattoo for Nerissa Ryan. Nerissa asked me to design her a gypsy head on the side, with a headscarf, few beads/brass and a couple of roses. Oh, and thick dark hair of course.Copyright Sam Phillips www.samphillips.c...

styleinterplay: thats cool I’ve been thinking about getting something like this. Not forearm. But like maybe a half-sleeve with other stuff, right?

Forearm tattoo. Cool design.

Love this saying, and the movie if I ever get any saying it would have to be this.

gypsy tattoo. I love her gaze, and the pieces of jewelry in her hair. Incorporate pieces of this into a bigger sleeve tattoo.

I think this is perfect for me. So many different colors! There are so many different things about me. I like it for my forearm.

love this idea. I'd love to make the bird be a robin and the woman have my moms features as a tribute tattoo to her. also I'd want the flowers around it to be roses

Sams Blog: Bumble Bee Sun Flower Gypsy Tattoo w/out the words or the bees