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  • Yori TUT2

    Yori - I find this image to be really simple, beautiful and powerful. Fence is a symbol of confinement and birds are a symbol of freedom for some. By combining the two in the imagery we have gained the impression of freedom. There is no need to include a literal illustration of someone breaking free from jail, but just by showing us this image of the fence deconstructed and transforming into birds, we get an idea of what it is trying to be communicated here.

  • PA Haggs

    Julian Lennon

  • Jackie Blah Blah

    it's like "from fence to freedom". unfortunately i don't know the artist.

  • Cassie Anderson

    Week 4 #3c. Every human has the right to live her life according to her own convictions. This fence represents being trapped and locked in just like Nora was who was caught in her own lies. Every human has free will and freedom to eventually break away, as Nora did. The trapping fence finally broke into birds to fly away. Nora finally has her right to live and become her own person.

  • Trinee Tennent

    This relates to human rights, as stated in human right number 2, every human is entitled to the rights and freedom as stated on the declaration of human rights. The birds flying off in this picture could represent human being free and not being held down or controlled by anyone and they are having the right of freedom.

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