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    Step 2 - how to fake calligraphy

    • Sylvie Gauthier

      How to fake calligraphy...I especially love calligraphy as art, like the beautiful example shown here. I am determined to take a class in calligraphy. It's on my bucket list!

    • Colure Weddings

      how to fake calligraphy: a brilliant way to save time printing your address labels but still have the handwritten feel

    • Lexi Wright

      How to fake calligraphy...although you could always just get a calligraphy pen :P

    • Pam Mollenkamp

      Joelle Charming | {how to fake calligraphy} |

    • Clare Freeman

      Something Charming: {how to fake calligraphy}

    • Emily Brown

      How to Fake Calligraphy | Something Charming

    • Sarah Toal

      How to Fake Calligraphy Without the Pen.

    • MC

      how to fake calligraphy & a free font

    • Katelyn Lapray

      How to: fake calligraphy...

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    Learning how to write in calligraphy is in many ways similar to learning how to draw. In drawing, you first have to master shapes. With calligraphy, the idea is to first master the basic strokes. Combinations of these nine pen strokes make most of the letters in the lowercase alphabet.

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    If you're going to fake it, you may want to grab a medium-nib (or even narrow) calligraphy felt-tip marker. They're a couple bucks in most craft stores, and they are far more forgiving than fountain pens. Keep the narrow axis of the tip aimed between 1 and 2 on the clock face (25-50 degrees - just pick one and see how it works with your stroke) and try and write as neatly as you can.

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