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How To Improve Your Handwriting - in the post you get advice on how to easily improve your handwriting, links to handwriting practice sheets, practice movements for your arms, the best pens to use and personal advice

Too intimidated to learn pointed pen calligraphy? This cheater's tutorial will help you fake it til you can make it.

A guide to brush lettering. Brush lettering gives designs a handmade feel. #handtype #calligraphy #typography

great tip: print out a scripty font (lightly) and then trace it with a gel pen / pen of your choice to make it look hand-drawn

Lifehackerfrom Lifehacker

Learn How to Fake Calligraphy

If you're going to fake it, you may want to grab a medium-nib (or even narrow) calligraphy felt-tip marker. They're a couple bucks in most craft stores, and they are far more forgiving than fountain pens. Keep the narrow axis of the tip aimed between 1 and 2 on the clock face (25-50 degrees - just pick one and see how it works with your stroke) and try and write as neatly as you can.

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Aura Blue, Modern Calligraphy Font

Aura Blue, Modern Calligraphy Font by mycandythemes on Creative Market

Learning how to write in calligraphy is in many ways similar to learning how to draw. In drawing, you first have to master shapes. With calligraphy, the idea is to first master the basic strokes. Combinations of these nine pen strokes make most of the letters in the lowercase alphabet.

Thought you'd like the kraft paper envelope with white calligraphy! Calligraphy Envelope Addressing in "Ashley" style. $1.75, via Etsy.

Handwriting - How to Write Copperplate shows some of the detail necessary for caligraphy but also points to handwriting form and style

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A Lost Art: Pretty Lettering

How to fake calligraphy. Includes: Pens to use, inspiration to find your own style, and a lot of cool stuff