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Laughed so hard. Hahahaha!!! OMG!! That's so not funny! I thought I was possessed!! Lol!

hahahahaha Laura Jayson Jayson Hunter Fornaszewski Ashleigh {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} Inda what does this make you think of?

Cannot stop laughing at this.

I cannot stop laughing. more funny pics on facebook:

I'm always rooting for the awkward guy, especially the awkward guy from Harry Potter.

Onesie "That awkward moment when..." @Allison Yetto Buchanan lol!

That awkward moment when you need a katana to chop carrots. . .

Hahahahahaha I laughed so hard I cried and then I thought I could move on but I would look at the computer and start laughing again! hahahahah