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  • Marilyn Aarsvold

    Laura's childhood memories - old school Nintendo!

  • Brian Holler

    Thinking about busting this out and playing some Super Mario Brothers, or Tecmo Bowl, or Zelda...too many choices! Which game would you pick? #nintendo #oldschool #awesome #geek #videogames #holler

  • Zoey Paige

    The Original Nintendo Gaming System (The 80s!!!! I'm seventeen. My sister and I used to have one of these. We used to play a lot of video games together...)

  • Lana Zantout

    Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt Baby! Oh the HOURS and HOURS me and my sister spent playing this thing! Remember leaving it ON Pause... After HOURSSS of continuous play... Just so our hands could rest... Remember having to bang the top of it and blow in the end of the games... To get them to work at times! LOL

  • Nicole Williams

    My Brother introduced our family to video games with the first system -- old school Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, etc.

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i love duck hunt!! that stupid dog used to make me so mad when you miss a duck and he laughs at you!!!

The original Nintendo System. This was Zachary's favorite toy,then David's when I was expecting him.1989

Is it sad that both this on super nintendo and, eventually, Mario Party on N64 were how my friends and I spent most of our days?

You're awesome of you know what this is from!

Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

Still have some :) Jr doll skirts, backpack purses and top it off with plastic barrettes for ultra coolness.

Tinkertoys. My kids spent many hours constructing things with these wooden sticks and wheels. Creative entertainment

1970s Fisher Price Xylophone Pull Along Toy- we handed it down from our first born (1978) to our second (1982) then our third (1990). It's a timeless classic!!

I haven't seen these in 30+ years!! My little sister and I used to have one each-tap shoes went in the top, ballet shoes in the bottom. Ours were pink vinyl though! =)

Nintendo! one of the first video games i played. i still haven't conquered it yet. it's a pain in the you know what.