vintage labels in red, white, and blue

vintage book labels

Vintage Airline Luggage Label Tags...perfect for vintage travel or vacation pages.

Vintage sign collage. I absolutely love ventage signs from the 50's and 60's. They are a great example of great typography.

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Vintage Crayons


vintage labels

King Pelican Iceberg Lettuce, c. 1920s "King Pelican Iceberg Lettuce. Grown and packed by F.S. and F.E. King Clarksburg California." From the 1900s to 1950s fruit crate labels were used to market and differentiate fruit packer brands at farmer markets where people purchased most of their produce.

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Thread spool printable labels

Vintage Style Labels

The story behind the new Pinterest logo. And a little example collection of scripted logotypes that makes me real happy. At least 20 of those brands are Swedish. :)

vintage labels

21st century mix tape Too cool!! in vhs format for video archives

Heel veel 'vintage' logo's. Het komt steeds vaker terug tegenwoordig. Ik hou van de elementen die ze toevoegen aan de woorden. Bergen, cirkels. Erg stijlvol

Old Label - French Lavender Perfume

Vintage packaging labels

Free Vintage Images - Ephemera Collage printable