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    This is for steve hahaha

    This cracks me up!


    First World Problems


    Reasons my son is crying.

    jajajajaja love these one

    T-rex trying to do things

    Grumpy Cat!

    Office Thoughts - except for the office party one...cause who wants to party with people they dislike in general... Pretty dead on!

    Nurse Humor - and she's RIGHT. I've said this so many times! should be posted in every waiting room

    I Would Love To Work At a Dinosaur Free Office

    T-Rex is finally happy...

    Even Grumpy Cat likes Ryan Gosling

    This has to be the best pick up line ever… this guy is really funny I think his costume name is Puff the Magic Dragon

    That's An Incredible Light Effect

    This is one of my favorite things of all time

    Jennifer Lawrence

    this hurts my brain