GOP cuts to middle class programs are dwarfed by spending on tax cuts for rich.

Two parties Two Different American Dreams

Republicans claim to be Pro Life... CUT Food stamps. Republicans claim to be Patriotic... CUT Vet benefits. Republicans claim to Care...add they GIVE themselves a Raise!!!!


What republicans want to do is cut the Affordable Care Act. They want to cut health insurance. These guys have been vicious about cutting food stamps. They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They want to cut any and all programs which benefit the working families of our country. That’s what they want to do now. That’s what they’ve always wanted to do.

Citizen Tax Burden vs. Corporate Tax Payout - Some Perspective on the unfairness of it all.

Republicans Violating Scripture

Dear republicans.....

Republican Menu

It's the GOP that's killing jobs, not the health care law. VOTE the LYING GOP OUT on NOV 4th!

Republican congress giving massive tax loopholes to corporations and cuts the pay of the working class.

We have allowed republican corporate influence to corrupt congress to the point where not only do the mega corporations pay little in taxes but actually get taxes collected from the American tax payer given to them in the form of refunds and subsidies.

Twitter / whitehouse: 11 Facts about the tax debate: ...

There cannot be many Americans left who are unaware that Republicans love causing harm to the American people, the economy, and the government they have campaigned vehemently against over the past two years, and few should be surprised they are excited they are close to shutting it down. IT IS TIME TO SHUT THEM DOWN!

Mainstream Media can favor HRC & the GOP all they want, as Bernie says 'We the People' will come together & WIN. #BernieSanders2016. #Bern.

Healthcare reform mandate is upheld as a tax!