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Saw a Schnoodle that looked very much like this one today. So cute!

Schnoodle--this looks just like my Teddy Puppy Schnoodley Poodley!

Schnoodle love. Just add cocker and lasa apso and you get my Presley!

schnoodle- our boo :) BEST dog in the world. guess they all smile like that?

Schnoodle (Shnauzer poodle X) - This is not my dog buddy but he could be Buddie's twin

Schnoodle, Oodle, Poodle Hybrid, Poodle Mix, Doodle, Dog, Puppy pinned by

Schnoodle Hair Cuts | Schnoodle Haircuts

Schnoodle..... looks like our mikejones

Schnoodle . O she's gorgeous I love schnoodles eyes