thumbprint family tree

Thumbprint tree.

Rustic Wedding Thumbprint Tree Guest Book by ThreeEggsDesign, $29.00. Cool idea for baby shower or fundraiser to show the support that was given by so many

Fingerprint Wedding Tree Guest Book... (and then you can use the fingerprints later to track any 'killers among you' :)

Wedding Guestbook thumbprint tree

2 great ideas for "Big" anniversary party gifts.

guest book?

great idea for a wedding or even baby shower

thumbprint guestbook

I'm the maid of honor for my oldest sister for her wedding next October, gotta help get ideas somewhere!

here is the an examplet. (just the actual brown tree) we will be filling in the leaves with fingerprints...and with no birds. could you make the "carved" initials an outline of africa instead of letters ?

Fingerprint Tree

Another thumbprint tree!

Family Reunion Idea

tree centerpiece

Thumbprint guest book

Such a good guest book idea! That way you already have everyones birthdays from both sides to start your new life! So smart!

Thumbprint guest book