River Pheonix

River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton. “I never thought River was going to be the one who would struggle - he was a good kid and he was so talented.” -Wil Wheaton on the death of River Phoenix

River Phoenix in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon

I remember exactly where I was and who I was kissing when I heard that River Phoenix had died.


Liam Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth.

Lenny Kravitz- breakfast serve :-)

Tom Hiddleston

“When I was eighteen, River Phoenix was far and away my hero. Think of all those early great performances — My Own Private Idaho. Stand by Me. I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale — he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died. That’s a lesson.“ - Leonardo DiCaprio

River Pheonix as Chris Chamber (Stand By Me)

River Phoenix- such a waste he was an amazing actor even at such a young age.

River Phoenix

"When a role for a young guy is offered to me, I think of River Phoenix. It feels like a loss." ~Leonardo DiCaprio quote about River Phoenix

river phoenix

river-phoenix (my school girl crush)

River Phoenix and Meredith Salenger in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon

“I’m quite in love with the human race and this planet that we live on and I see life as fresh and beautiful, not because “I have the world in my hands,” but because it’s just my reality."

River Phoenix - loved him immensely and was gutted when he died in the infamous Viper room

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