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Pleeeease give me some of the food you hold, see i'm too weak to move now. #manipulation

What are you holding? Is that food??

Move over Grumpy Cat. Here is Grumpy Pug. but still gorgeous.

Natalie Hughes // Bip Ling and Pug // 2009

Pug, NO!

Working my telekinetic power to move that slice of bread into my mouth. #pug

Listen, that's not the way Grandma made it ?!?!

Baked Pug-tato

Why won't my human bring me food to eat while on the couch??


Who, me?

I'm tired, Carry me the rest of the way.

Pug Photo bomb!

This is my dog Saydee....

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Mom, They Called Me Pugly!

Shelby GT Mustang. That pug has a nice ride!


“I always take things too far.” | 17 Dogs Who Understand How You Feel About Pizza

sleeping puggy

What a cute Pug! :D