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They don't stand a chance and if the truth is told, I'm guessing there was about 8 of them their to start with.

This French Bulldog is a therapy dog at his local hospital, so awesome.

"Now don't look that way, this is how you roll out crust puggie!" #dogs #pets #Pugs

Pug- I'm sad will u make me happy" you- yes and I'm starting with making you happy so here's a bone, treats and dog food! Pug- thank you sooooo much I wov u I wov u I wov u

"Sadness covers me like a blanket. Tuck me in and leave me to wallow in the sun."

I know there is a God because the Big Bang could NOT have created pugs. They are way too cute and complex ♥

Little pug is too tired to finish going down the stairs

・・・this has to be a corgi. they have the cutest little legs and butts. can't see him. he's invisible.

the little kiss he's giving just makes the whole thing a billion times cuter

my pug is my baby, and i don't like it when people call my baby "ugly"