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Pleeeease give me some of the food you hold, see i'm too weak to move now. #manipulation

What are you holding? Is that food??

Move over Grumpy Cat. Here is Grumpy Pug. but still gorgeous.

Natalie Hughes // Bip Ling and Pug // 2009

pug vs pancake.

Baked Pug-tato

Working my telekinetic power to move that slice of bread into my mouth. #pug

Listen, that's not the way Grandma made it ?!?!

His way of telling me to carry him down the rest of the stairs. - Imgur

Pug Photo bomb!

Who, me?

This is my dog Saydee....


Mom, They Called Me Pugly!

Shelby GT Mustang. That pug has a nice ride!

My pug IS my baby!

“I always take things too far.” | 17 Dogs Who Understand How You Feel About Pizza


People food!

What a cute Pug! :D

sleeping puggy