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    Blue Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog

    • Taylor

      This breed will thrive in the home of an active family. The Pyrenean Shepherd is dominated by his love for his work. As a companion, he is very active and enthusiastic and insists upon being involved in the day's activities whatever they may be. The Pyr Shep coat does not require much maintenance beyond a thorough brushing every few weeks.

    • Denny Bellavere

      Chien de Berger des Pyrènèes à poil long/Pyrenean Sheepdog Long Haired France

    • Melanie Murray

      Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired ) - Pastoral Dog Group

    • Rheba Jackson

      Pyrenean Shepherd never seen before. Pretty dog

    • Darren Driscoll

      pyrenean shepherd photo | Pyrenean Shepherd dog

    • Chelsi Smith

      Blue Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog

    • Jennie Rosina

      Art Pyrenean Shepherd animals

    • Vet Arena

      Pyrenean Shepherd breed Photo

    • Eileen Harris

      dogs - Pyrenean Shepherd

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