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    Remember this?

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    Remember Black light posters

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    Keep on Truckin' Blacklight Poster - $10.99 From the Zap Comix of the late 60's comes this Keep on Truckin black light poster. An R. Crumb original design. Officially licensed R. Crumb merchandise. This cool wall black light poster measures 24" x 36". With or without a blacklight, this poster looks awesome!

  • Elijah Cohen

    Pix For > 70s Black Light Posters

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Hah!! We even used this as part of our High School logo. We could do it cuz we were 'Farmers'

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blacklight poster - You can find all your smoking accessories right here on Santa Monica #Blacklight #Teagardins #SmokeShop

"Uncle Sam's Birthday. 1776- July 4th 1918. 142 Years Young and Going Strong." by The U.S. National Archives Download & print for the 4th of July!

Considered to be the most famous rock poster there is, the Woodstock festival was held in August 1969 and is the most well known rock festival in history. Woodstock attracted more than 400,000 people, as well as all of the top bands of the era.

I have this poster framed and hanging in my hallway. I SO would have wanted to be there!

David Cassidy - one of four heartthrobs in the 1970s. Remember when The Partridge Family had cut-out posters on the back of the Raisin Bran box??!

Joe Simboli designed a set of War/Peace posters in 1968 in response to a call from Herb Lubalin, a well-known NYC art director for Avant Garde magazine, who was sponsoring a "No More War" contest. Deeply affected by his experience at the liberation of Ohrdruf Concentration Camp during WWII, Joe designed the posters as a reflection on the insane nature of war. The Peace design, featuring a dove with the colors of mankind in its tail, represented the USA in a worldwide UN contest.

We ALL wanted to be her. Anna Taylors brother,Dennis had this poster on his wall when we were kids.