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Well, we did florida to california so I say CHECK! :)

Don't know how long this would last, but the words RV have to be involved. #BucketList #Camping #Camp

sense i seen cars i have always wanted to drive down this even though it wont be anything like the movie

more importantly (since I've been to Vancouver before), meet the girl with my name. (I've been getting her emails, and we've been joking about meeting up.)

maybe not on a road trip again Jessica Canedo Anne Canedo Heather Beaver Danielle Canedo

Rugged, unspoiled beauty and the people are AMAZING! Go! You'll have enough memories to last a lifetime!

Route 66... and every other scenic drive in the U.S. A ginormous road trip that covers 'em all would be a dream come true.

Oh no!!! No one tell my husband!! He's been threatening to do this instead of an RV or travel trailer! LOL!!

done this before.. and some on my bucket list, i have done before..but wouldnt mind doing again!

Things i wish i knew then: some items on your bucket list are time sensitive. #feeling32 #ilikenaps

To be spontaneous and just choose a direction and drive with no particular destination. To be completely spontaneous and see what pops up along the way.... lol... this goes completely against my OCD nature.

Go on a Missions Trip to South Africa, Romania and France. ♥ Work in the Orphanages and love all the little children #Dreams