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  • Jolene Fulbright

    AEIOU free download... The vowels are the letters that stick the words together like GLUE! Song from Leap Frog Talking Words DVD that I bought for Mariah: We’re A-E-I-O-U, We’re the vowels! We’re the glue, To stick the words together, We’re very sticky letters! We’re very sticky, very icky, sticky-icky letters!

  • Heather Vedder

    the teacher wife: sticky vowel song

  • Amanda Mae Kiefer

    AEIOU free download... The vowels are the letters that stick the words together like GLUE! - Used this from the Teacher Wife in my class last year. Kids really got it. I also changed the words to Sugarland's Stuck Like Glue song and it totally STUCK in their brains!!

  • Tiffani H

    Glued Sounds for Wilson Reading program

  • Sharon Victorine

    the teacher wife: we're A E I O glue bottles

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vowels - I might change the last 2 lines to "usually" so students realize there might be rule breakers.

Where has this been all my life?!?!? #2 may finally be able to "get" the difference between the 2 letters!

LOVE THIS! Goes great with the song. a e i o u and sometimes y sometimes y.... Vowels are like glue... the glue that holds the words together.

Short Vowel Songs ~ Free! My kids love to find and highlight the short vowel words in each song.

AEIOU - They are the vowels and the glue that stick the words together. This is a great visual!

Vowel Bat (kids song by Shari Sloane)- www.kidscount1234... "School is Cool" album

A great way to get those kinesthetic learners learning and moving. While students sing the song, they shake the same body part.

Vowel Poems for Short Vowels - First Grade Wow: Wonderful Word Work

GET PREPARED FOR NEXT YEAR, THIS SUMMER!!! Short Vowel Paint Stick Phonics is a fun way to sort short vowel sounds. Pages included to sort pics into a notebook as well!

(G) "Classroom Rules" Have a discussion the first day about what it looks like to follow these rules. ie: be ready to learn- be in your seat, quiet and ready with all of your supplies and books you will need.