o_O This is a tattoo by Amanda Wachob in NY. Her tattoos look like paintings, beautiful is a serious understatement.

violet tattoo by #VirginiaElwood in NY


Victorian style floral tattoo


Loic Xoil tattoo #ink #tattoo

tattoos by amanda wachob


amanda wachob, i can't get over how beautiful her tattoos are

This is beyond gorgeous!

Botanical Flower Tattoos for Women, Women Hands with Flower Botanical Tattoo, Amazing Flowers of Botanical Tattoos, Parts, Women~~~

bird & flowers

Amazing flower tattoo.

Yay science geekery! Nice Bohr model

Amanda Wachob Tattoos

Thea Duskin Tattoo « Ghostprint Gallery

Beautiful tattoo!!


Wicked flower sleeve tattoo.

Love the colours Flower Tattoos

amazing depth