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  • Taylor Webster

    Minion Cup cakes omg so making these for Olivia's birthday at school.

  • Lynn Bragg

    Too cute, great idea for a kids birthday party

  • Naomi Jones

    Minion cupcakes! Such a cute idea for little kid b-day parties!

  • ameeshi

    Make these 'Despicable Me' cupcakes with the kids and enjoy the movie together.

  • Hostess Snacks

    The gang's all here! Minion cupcakes made out of Twinkies. #Twinkies #Minions #Crafts #KidFriendly #Fun #Cupcakes #CupcakeTopper #Party

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pre-baked cupcakes, cooled - one Twinkie for each two cupcakes you'll be making - one can regular vanilla frosting - piping bag and round piping tip - 10-15 packages of Smarties candy (white seperated and set aside) - black food coloring paste - one container dark brown Jimmies Cut each Twinkie into two equal pieces. - Use white frosting to put a thin layer of frosting onto each cupcake. -Split remaining frosting into 2 separate bowls. - Tin...

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